Learn more about administrative fairness.

  • The British Columbia Ombudsperson’s Office created a Complaint Handling Guide which is an excellent resource for any organization handling complaints.  You can download a copy of the guide here: OMB-ComplaintsGuide-Dec2020web.pdf (  The BC office also offers an online training session for those wishing to learn more about administrative fairness. 
  • Venice Principles
    On 15 March 2019, the “Principles on the Protection and Promotion of the Ombudsman Institution”, (“The Venice Principles”) were adopted by the Venice Commission which is the Council of Europe’s Commission for Democracy through Law providing legal advice to its Member States. 

    The 25 Venice Principles represent the first, independent, international set of standards for the Ombudsman institution. They play a key role in protecting existing Ombudsman offices who are facing threats, provide guidelines for the improvement of current Ombudsman offices and set a template for new offices where none are present.

  • UN Resolution on the Ombudsman Institution

    This resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 15 December 2022.

    The UN resolution represents a strong endorsement of the key principles of ombudsman institutions, including independence, objectivity, transparency, fairness and impartiality.  It is an important further step in securing worldwide recognition for the work of Ombudsman institutions in promoting good administration, human rights, good governance and the rule of

    This is an important step to strengthen independent and autonomous Ombudsman institutions worldwide and to raise awareness at international level for the essential role Ombudsman institutions around the world play in the protection and promotion of human rights. It confirms and reinforces the importance of a close cooperation between the IOI and the United Nations.

Your complaint should include:

  • your name, address, and phone number

  • the name of the department, authority or agency you are complaining about

  • details about your complaint

  • an explanation of what you have done to resolve the problem, including results of any reviews and appeals

  • information about why you feel you were treated unfairly

  • copies of any relevant documents such as review or appeal decisions.

Inmate phone policy at Provincial Correctional Centre sees revamp following complaints made to OmbudsPEI

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI – Inmates at PEI’s Provincial Correctional Centre will have more access to telephone services following an inquiry into multiple complaints received by OmbudsPEI.  PCC’s telephone policy will no longer limit inmates to a small list of approved telephone contacts. Since beginning operations in February 2022, OmbudsPEI has received complaints from inmates at PCC…

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OmbudsPEI inquiry about patient registry leads to more transparency for Islanders

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – Following an inquiry into how PEI patients are chosen to be assigned to a practitioner from the province’s patient registry, new information providing a more transparent understanding of how patients are assigned to practitioners is now available to Islanders. OmbudsPEI had been contacted by a concerned individual who felt practitioners that were…

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OmbudsPEI inquiry leads to policy change relating to Legal Aid representation in PEI

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI – After receiving complaints from individuals who were denied representation by Legal Aid, an inquiry by OmbudsPEI has resulted in the commitment to create a new internal policy.  The policy will ensure fair decisions are made when an application for representation is denied. OmbudsPEI received complaints from two individuals who alleged that Legal…

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OmbudsPEI releases guide to support municipal governments in properly holding closed meetings

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – OmbudsPEI is releasing its first public resource, a guide to help lead municipal governments through the process of holding closed meetings to ensure that the province’s open meeting laws are consistently applied. OmbudsPEI is aware of concerns that some municipalities may be discussing issues in closed meetings that should be discussed in…

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OmbudsPEI supportive of motion calling for legislative change around procurement in PEI

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI – Ombudsperson Sandy Hermiston is voicing her support for a March 20th motion passed unanimously by the Legislative Assembly calling for the creation of legislation to guide service procurement in PEI. OmbudsPEI worked with Procurement Services and Treasury Board to agree to post the policies guiding the service procurement process to ensure that…

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Opioid replacement therapy within provincial correctional facility the focus of OmbudsPEI’s first public report

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – Steps are being taken to provide inmates at Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Correctional Centre (PCC) with improved treatment for opioid abuse following a 10-month investigation by the province’s office of the Ombudsperson. In Committing to Care: Improving the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in the Provincial Correctional System, OmbudsPEI examines how…

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