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Freedom To Choose

A senior under trusteeship complained that the Public Trustee had not completed their tax returns and was refusing to allow them to move to another care home. The complainant explained that the Trustee was not returning their calls to answer their questions. We contacted the Public Trustee who confirmed that the complainant’s taxes were in…

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Doctor Please

A inmate in custody at the Provincial Correctional Centre (PCC) complained about their medical care. The complainant was experiencing significant adverse side effects from a treatment they were receiving. Despite asking numerous times to be seen by a physician to address their symptoms, they were not responded to. We contacted the PCC to explain the…

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I Want My Mom

An inmate in custody at the Provincial Correctional Centre (PCC) complained that they were being prevented from contacting their mother and the Prince Edward Island Regulatory & Appeals Commission (IRAC) by phone. This was preventing the complainant from making an appeal that would allow them to keep their home. We contacted PCC and were told…

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Licensing Fairness

A senior who had previously held an Ontario driver’s license returned to Canada from overseas and applied for a PEI driver’s license through Access PEI. The complainant was told that because the country they moved from did not have a reciprocal driver’s license agreement with PEI, and because their former Ontario driver’s license had expired,…

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