April 23, 2024

Inmate phone policy at Provincial Correctional Centre sees revamp following complaints made to OmbudsPEI

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI – Inmates at PEI’s Provincial Correctional Centre will have more access to telephone services following an inquiry into multiple complaints received by OmbudsPEI.  PCC’s telephone policy will no longer limit inmates to a small list of approved telephone contacts. Since beginning operations in February 2022, OmbudsPEI has received complaints from inmates at PCC…

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Maintaining Connections

Shortly after OmbudsPEI began operations in February 2022, we began receiving complaints from inmates at the Provincial Correctional Centre (PCC) about who they were permitted to contact by telephone. We learned that PCC required inmates to submit telephone numbers for approval in advance and it could take more than a week for numbers to be…

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