Take A Deep Breath

An inmate at the Provincial Correctional Centre (PCC) complained that medical staff were not treating their acute breathing problems. Despite repeatedly asking for a medical assessment and submitting internal complaint forms about a lack of medical care, they received no response.

We contacted PCC through our informal resolution process to inquire about the complainant’s medical status and responses to their internal request and complaint forms. Four days later, the complainant called us again to tell us that their symptoms were worsening and that they still had no response from healthcare or centre management.  We reached out to PCC again and within two hours they met with the complainant to review their request and complaint forms. The next morning, the complainant saw a nurse who provided them with medication to improve their breathing. Later in the week the complainant was provided with additional medication to improve their symptoms.  The complainant was also referred to medical specialists for further assessment. 

The complainant was thankful for our involvement and believed it led to them receiving the medical care they needed. As the actions taken by PCC resolved the complainant’s concerns, we considered the matter resolved and closed our file.

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