OmbudsPEI promotes fairness, transparency and accountability in the public sector to enhance good governance and public confidence in government.  Our work improves public services for all Islanders.  

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What we do

As PEI’s independent voice for fairness, we work to make sure public sector organizations are treating people fairly and following the rules.  We listen to and investigate complaints about unfair treatment, process or decisions by public sector agencies such as government ministries, agencies boards and commissions, municipalities and Health PEI.   

We provide a safe avenue for public servants to submit complaints of wrongdoing or reprisal occurring in their workplace.  We conduct independent investigations into allegations made by whistleblowers to improve transparency and accountability in government.

We recommend solutions that are fair and reasonable.  

What is our legal authority?

Our offices were established as independent offices of the Legislature by the Ombudsperson Act and the Public Interest Disclosure and Whistleblower Protection Act (the Whistleblower Act).  We opened our doors on February 14, 2022.  


Under the Ombudsperson Act we have the authority to investigate “matters of administration” which include complaints about fairness in treatment, process and decision-making by government agencies, municipalities and Health PEI.


The Whistleblower Act applies to the provincial government and its employees.  It allows public servants to complain about wrongdoing or complain about reprisals.

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Who we are

The Office of the Ombudsperson (Ombuds) is an impartial and independent office of the Legislature. We promote fairness and act as a bridge between the people of PEI and the public sector.

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